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  • What Franchisees and Franchisors need to know about Franchise Local Area Marketing Franchise Local Area marketing is not just about doing letterbox drops or as some experts will have you believe having a strategic adwords or social media campaign is critical as part of your tool kit. Whilst these are components of a successful franchise marketing strategy on their own they don't add up to a local area marketing strategy. Local Area Marketing is one of the keys to your franchise's success, and should be designed to complement the brands overall national marketing initiatives. As a franchisee, your marketing efforts do not finish with your contribution to the national or group fund, the fund is certainly utilised to promote the brand, it also covers other marketing costs such as c[...]

  • Are you find it hard to get your business found? Are you looking for a Local Area marketing Strategy that works? Local Area Marketing (LAM) is the process of identifying, designing and implementing a range of marketing initiatives in your local community that result in positive engagement with individuals, groups, organisations, local businesses, and both customers and affiliates to create and maintain a hometown advantage over your competitors. A successful Local Area Marketing should consist of a number of core elements such as: A local networking and affiliate relationship building strategy Local Google My Business presence, this is easy to set up, simply register for a google account and set up you g+ and get your business verified. Doing this and using Google plus will help[...]

  • Being customer focused does not mean you are being customer centric   In other words your business is either focused on how you can help your customer v’s how together your customers can help you build your business. When customers experience any brand, they always ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” before they purchase or engage. A customer-focused local area marketing strategy makes the answer(s) to this question obvious as it helps the franchise or local business to offer a reciprocally loyal experience. Although there is truth and necessity behind both marketing strategies, you have to give in order to get to build a reciprocal relationship between your strategic alliances and your target customers. Often this can take months of nurturing to yield results that y[...]

  • Here is the Official Biggest Loser's guide to create a better marketing plan. Shape up, Look good, Have fun and start generating more leads anytime you like. This is a Tragic tale of an out of shape businesses that gained weight over winter, became unmotivated due to slowing sales and needed get into shape for the summer business season. Hey wait a minute, does this sound like your business? Are you feeling a little disillusioned, disheartened and lacking direction on how to move forward? You are not alone, if you are really serious about being in business then: It’s time to reflect and weigh in, Biggest loser style. It's time to turn on the camera and tell yourself how you let your business get this way, it used to be fast fit and exciting which is why you have invested so much t[...]

  • 5 simple steps from Local Area Marketing Experts that will lead you to success. Workslocal know that a well thought out Local Area Marketing strategy is the key to your businesses success. In the USA we have seen people standing on the side of the road majestically twirling banners, here in Australia our sidewalks are populated with A-frames, and we say “Yeah that worked, but could we do it better? I wonder what would happen if it had a clear strategy?” To be successful at local area marketing you need to have a clear understanding of who your customers really are, don’t be delusional, not everyone want to be your customer or buy your widget. Have a clear idea of what message you want to send to them, these are just some of the things that can influence your message: age, social [...]

  • Would you like to know how to grow your customer base? Do you know the secret to building a clear picture of your customer? When developing a local area marketing plan that works, the first step is to get to know your community. If you’re lucky, you will already know the local area quite well, you may even live nearby. If this is the case you will be well prepared to develop your local area marketing plan. However, if your franchise is located in an unfamiliar area, it’s important that you do your research and find out more about the community your business serves. There are many ways you can communicate and connect with your target audience; here are just a few ideas which you should consider applying. Communicate Build 2 different databases, one for customers and one for your aff[...]

  • You can't help but notice car Number Plate Frames are popular because they work! Did you know that at the time of the 2015 Motor Vehicle Census (MVC), there were 18.0 million motor vehicles, registered in Australia? Right now the local car yard is using your car to promote their business for free! For decades car yards have used number plate frames to promote their business using you to do it for them!   Go and check, it doesn’t seem right, but the do it because it works. This low cost Local Area Marketing Solution, will enable you to take back this space and start promoting your business to thousands of motorists, for as little as $5! Hand them out to your customers and run a competition to encourage them to put them on their cars. Ask how Workslocal can hel[...]

  • What we can learn about local area marketing strategy from the knights of old. Quite often I am called upon by new clients to get them started on their journey to find a better way to engage with their local community and grow their businesses using a local area marketing strategy unique to their business model. I am a firm believer that as we have progressed as business owner we have lost track of our sense of community, the ye olde golden days of castles and forts. Why do I believe this? Lets break it down.  In most cases the town was protected by a fort. All those who lived within the fort prospered and traded between themselves Towns folk took time to get to know and help one another The local village was the central place where people lived, worked, socialized, ma[...]

  • 10 minute local area marketing exercise....please! I don’t have time for Local Area Marketing, I hear you say, I have a business to run, a gym session after work and then I have to get home to spend some quality time with my family. When you’re busy running a business, you may find yourself dropping the first thing that doesn’t seem to be working. For some, it’s social media. “It doesn’t work in my business, I am different from those other businesses,” you may argue. But, are you really different? People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust, a well thought out Local Area Marketing enables this to happen. It helps you create a personality for your business and customers want to trust who they are buying from and what you are offering will solve their problem. Get this right[...]

  • From a local area marketing concept the 7/11 model simply can't stack up and what you should learn from their mistakes. $1 Slurpee's are a massive success" a spokesperson for 7/11 has been quoted as saying in various industry publications. So why are they in a mess? Let's break it down. The logic behind a strategic local area marketing campaign is to drive traffic and increase both basket size and profit. As 7/11 is positioned as a bolt on to a service station, one would think (trying not to use the 'assume' word) that the aim is to attract more drivers to stop and fill up? I would be interested if 7/11 took any statistics on the demographic of the purchaser of their $1 Slurpee's, I know my kids queued up for theirs and brought nothing else. Yes it drove traffic to t[...]

  • No is an excuse not to say YES, why your marketing needs to give the customer control. Time wasters are the bane of any businesses existence the cost us in lost time and wages, take us away from what we were focused on at the time, some are just browsing for quotes, others getting prices so they can buy on ebay, what if there was a strategy to turn NO into an asset? There are 3 types of NO   No as a stalling tactic in the sales process, so the customer can take a breath and feel that they are controlling the sale process. No you don't have what I'm after, we'll discuss these two in detail, and, No, you as a business owner DONT want them as a client. Not every sale should be closed as some will just result in loss of profit. Sales cost money, and this has to be a fac[...]

  • Did you know that there are more than 101 Local Area Marketing Secrets you can start using today? Here is the first secret you need to know. You need to think about how can you get your target customers to see something that’s usually routine, "normal" or boring, as unique, quirky, fresh and creative? You need to be constantly looking for ways to get people to stop and say, “Hey, that’s cool! No ones done that before!” Here you go, now start getting creative. ¿ Put some fun into your paperwork. ORIGAMI anyone? HSBC printed origami folding instructions on the back of its ATM receipts. You could print jokes, cartoons or fun facts. That’s what fun brands do: they are always looking for ways to liven up mundane processes and objects. ♤ Get a professional website, yep i[...]