On the LAM, local area marketing secrets exposed.

Did you know that there are more than 101 Local Area Marketing Secrets you can start using today?

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Here is the first secret you need to know.

You need to think about how can you get your target customers to see something that’s usually routine, “normal” or boring, as unique, quirky, fresh and creative?

You need to be constantly looking for ways to get people to stop and say, “Hey, that’s cool!

No ones done that before!”

Here you go, now start getting creative.

¿ Put some fun into your paperwork. ORIGAMI anyone?

HSBC printed origami folding instructions on the back of its ATM receipts. You could print jokes, cartoons or fun facts.

That’s what fun brands do: they are always looking for ways to liven up mundane processes and objects.

♤ Get a professional website, yep it’s beige, but not when you mix it with Aurasma and then encourage you customers to scan a photo using their smartphone and a video on your website comes to life.

♧ Add a blog to your current website. Your clients and prospective clients will appreciate the free information, and it will speak volumes more than just a brochure.

But…don’t be beige, use punchy headlines that are fun or unique like:

✔Tom Cruise wins 1,000,000! We that’s what the headline on tomorrows papers would have read if he had entered our win cash competition, or

✔What’s the difference between a loaf of bread and a sandwich, or

✔Why the Melbourne cup can teach us a lot about being in business?

☆ Join your local chamber of commerce. It’s a perfect place for networking with the local community members.

Be brave and stand out, have a suit jacket made out of kids cartoon material, make sure you are not only noticed but talked about……long after the breakfast or event is over.

♡ Create unique business cards and hand them out whenever you can. This is my favorite.

My business card is anything but beige. I have a two fold card and depending on whom i am meeting depends on how i present it. It also looks great when you put it on a desk. People cant help but pick it up.

Make sure you hand out two business cards, one to keep and one to give out.

✏Write and submit articles related to your field. Boost them on LinkedIn pulse or a similiar rss feeder.

Sign up for Google alerts using products or services you sell so you can have content delivered to you inbox daily.

@ Speak on panels related to your subject area. I love doing this and now I  am regularly called on to speak to post and under grad students at Melbourne’s universities as well as local chamber of commerce and Rotary clubs.

?Create a unique, but professional email address and use it to email absolutely anyone.

Mine are getconnected@workslocal.com.au and creativesolutions@yourbusinesshelpdesk.com.au. what could you create?

⊙ Comment on Facebook business pages on topics of your expertise. Be careful not to spam, by making sure your commentary adds value to the post.

?Use the free space on your emails to market your business. Start by using the signature block with ynot just your contact information , but events, new product launches, try adding a short YouTube video and to round it off a testimonial.

This then goes out on all your  outgoing e-mails for free. Not everyone will read them but I guarantee they be noticed. I set up seperate youtube videos so i can monitor how many times they are watched. Oh yeah dont forget a link to your website or a “like our Facebook page” request.

? Do some shameless self promoting by offering yourself as a resource to local reporters looking for expert opinions. Submit an article each week to them on a subjuct that will help their readers. This can be simple “How to’s” or story ideas.

% Write a regular e-Zine or newsletter.

? Find a complementary business and write guest articles for their newsletters and publications.

×× Give away a free report, like this one!

?Appear as a guest host on radio, online and offline, better still create your own Podcast and add it to your Facebook page and website. Share the link on your emails and newsletters.

^ Have a creative and clear answer to “What do you do?” It seems obvious but to be honest I bet you couldn’t do it without resorting to selling your services. What you do has nothing to do with what you provide, but refers to the benefit you provide the local community.

?Teach a course at your local community centre on your area of expertise, better still make it free, word will spread about your services and people will sign you up for one-on-one support.

÷ Learn to write great amazing emails, that people will want to share

# Publish case studies in blogs on your website after finishing successful engagements.

₩ Ask for referrals from past clients, better still, run a competition with your clients to post a review on Google about the service they received and draw a winner each month. Prize can be anything but make it worth their time. Make it easier and email them the link. You can then re-use these on your website.

Think about the impact on your business, happy clients Googling your business adding positive reviews, do you think that would have a positive impact on you organic Google ranking?

○ Send out holiday & promo cards with your business information on them.

Place free ads whenever you can.

?Write an eBook and use creative titles. So far I’ve written 4, Cut the Crap -Teach me ho to market my business, Cut the Crap – teach me how to use Facebook for business,  Roughly north – the next bit (you thought i was going to say “cut the crap) and Pandora’s’  local area marketing tool box. I think I’ll call this one, “On the LAM – Local Area Marketing secrets exposed” what do you think?

£ Leave copies of your books and articles in coffee shops, print them in A3 folded to A4 like an old style newspaper. Get other local businesses to contribute. Articles such as Health, Business, Marketing, Finance, DIY tips, Yoga tips, add some funnies, what else?

Try and stay away from adverts, but add your website and email address.

♡♡ Keep learning, stay up to date by attending industry conventions and seminars. Better still, attend industry conventions and seminars that your target market attends.

Volunteer at a public event and network away!

:) Don’t ignore local newspapers. Write and submit Press Releases for every notable occasion.

@ Post your business cards in letter boxes around you local area with an offer of a free coffee on the back. Tell them they have to contact you to cash it in.

⏰Remind clients of important dates that will help their business, create a marketing calendar to share each month to your data base. Be seen as a source of support and inspiration. i.e An accounting firm, be sure to remind your clients when their BAS is due! www.daysoftheyear.com is a good place to start.

X Forward articles of potential interest to your clients. Add something like, I just read this and thought it would interest you…..this will keep you top of mind when they actually need you or are ready to buy.

? Get a bumper sticker, rear window car sticker (www.LocalMotion),  car number plate sticker, ( www.numberplatestickers.com.au) or a car windscreen sunshade with your business name on it. Then run a really cool comptition to encourage customers to be spotted with them on THEIR cars. It will drive your competitors nuts……

What ever you do, get the car yard off your numberplate and use numberplate stickers to promote your business. www.numberplatestickers.com.au

💡 Write letters of congratulations to other local business owners on their success after awards nights.

¤¤ Look for free listings in as many as various directoriesand get listed in many as possible. Start with Google my business.

?Optimize your website with high ranked keywords to attract search engine attention. Dont forget to add keywords to your images, as Google cant see them. Test it for your self, type “images” into Google search .

To measure how Workslocal is going, I regularly Google both Workslocal and Tim Stannage to see how much of the Page I’m getting for free. Try googling yourself in image search, how often are your images coming up on the search page? If you’re not grabbing at least half the page start fixing it. Better still water mark the images with your logo. (**Note for my team to check our images for this*** it’s easy to forget.)

X Give out key-chains or pens with your company name on it.

? Create how-to videos and distribute them through Youtube.com, if you have difficulty doing this at least try Animoto , Powtoon or something similiarto create a slideshare.

Next time you get an inspirational email, add your business information to it and forward it.

?Give away t-shirts with your business name and website on it.

▪○▪ Don’t do it alone, build an army buy working out who else shares your customer and connect. Build a joint venture local area marketing campaign.

? Stop counting how many quotes you do, start measuring how may follow up’s with potential clients you’ve made!

? Get a Cool Mobile phone number or 1300 word number. Ie 04 axt turbo 1300 win cash.

?Get on the phone and call potential leads!

?Lazer focus on specific clients and specific projects, Carve out a specialty niche for yourself.

Spoiler alert, this one is obvious………. make sure your website is up to date and mobile responsive.

? Collect testimonials whenever you can, remember the Google reviews idea from before?

Have you done anything about it yet?

Why not?

Stop reading and email your clients now.

Ok NOW you can continue reading….
Make it known that ALL LEADS ARE WELCOME.

Offer complimentary introductory sessions to those who may not be familiar with your work.
Host a party for current clients and connect them and ask them to invite a guest!

Offer a guarantee.

?¿ Create a short, simple quiz for your business.

|○| Write an ebook! Have you downloaded mine yet? It’s free! www.workslocal.com.au

? Learn to think like your clients. Share their world view.

Offer free help. Mentor a local small business owner.

? Create and tell the “captivating” story behind how and why you started your business, share your journey, what problems did you face and how you over come them. People love (and remember!) stories more than anything else, a good story is always remembered.

😕 Clearly understand what you do and not what you sell. Focus on the customers problem & pain not your widget, (in case you’re unsure a widget is a reference to a product or service you provide) learn to stop selling and start solving. Talk about the benefits of your service and how they relate to your customers needs and feelings, stop selling the features.

?Dress for Success! Get your brand on your clothing be proud.

?Be open to learning new things.

?Like how someone markets their business in a different industry? Borrow the technique!

? Get a professional photo taken, selfies have no place on your Facebook page let alone you business marketing material.

Marketing is a lot about confidence.

Cross promote your business with someone who offers services that complement your own.

Submit your website to search engines.

?Create a local area marketing plan and FOLLOW it.

Bundle not just your product, but affiliate partners, then Upsell.

?Cross promote affiliate or complementary businesses on your Facebook page.

Join online social networks and participate

?Use a comprehensive marketing strategy which involves online and offline marketing methods.

⚠Write a unique selling proposition (USP) about your business.

? Refine your target audience and niche.

Even more Local Area Marketing Materials………Workslocal we connect your business with the local community, so you can enjoy the hometown advantage.

Make your business card stand out from the rest.

Create or update your brochure. Be innovative  try Aurasma

?Create a digital version of your brochure for your website for visitors to download.

Get creative with promotional products and give them away at the next networking event you attend. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR RANGE

?Walk the street and say “Hi”, Introduce yourself to other local business owners.

?Launch a multi-step direct mail campaign.

Create multiple approaches for different clients, same product but you need a different message for each customer channel you are targeting. split test to measure impact and fine tune what works.

✔ Don’t forget to include a clear and enticing call to action on every direct mail or newsletter you send out.

Use tear cards, inserts, props and attention-getting envelopes to make an impact with your mailings.

?Send past customers free samples and other incentives to regain their business.

?Create your own billboard trailer

?Rent the back doors, or side of a truck or car to promote your sale, expo, event, new store or just market your business. (www.LocalMotion.com.au)

Use stickers or magnets to advertise on your car.

Take out an ad in your local newspaper, don’t be afraid to ask for advertorial space as part of the deal and write a how to article about your industry.

Advertise on Facebook, don’t just post, boost posts that achieve good organic reach. 


Use a sidewalk sign to promote your specials, or be cheeky and write on the sidewalk in chalk or at pedestrian lights.

More Social Media Marketing

  • Create a Facebook business page.
  • Secure your Facebook url
  • Post Facebook milestones
  • Sign up for Pagemondo and create professional looking Facebook posts
  • Link your Facebook page to your website
  • Turn your Facebook page into a social media website using Pagemondo.
  • Setup a Foursquare account for your business and check in often.
  • use Google + to share your BLOGS, I get amazing SEO results for FREE

More Internet Marketing tips

Start a Google Adwords pay-per-click campaign.

Not sure where to start then set up a Google Adwords Express campaign to start off.

Make sure you use your websites keywords in all images on your website

Watermark images you add to your website and social media pages with your logo for sharing

Register with google my business

Register for a Facebook Bluetooth sensor

Register a new creative domain name, have a separate one for promoting products or services.

Email Marketing

?Create an email opt-in on your website or blog.

?Offer a free download or free gift to make people willing to add their email address to your list.

?Send regular emails to your list.

? Start a free monthly email newsletter.

?Use A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

✏ Perfect your email signature.

?Add audio, video and social sharing functionality to your emails.

Contests, Coupons and Incentives: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

?Start a contest, create a unique win cash promotion

?Create a “frequent buyer” rewards program.

? Start a client appreciation program.

?Create a customer of the month program.

?Give away a free sample, product from an affiliate partner or eBook

Start an affiliate program, don’t know what to do, give Workslocal a call 1300 946 227 or email getconnected@workslocal.com.au

Relationship Building

? you could give your customers a puppy, but just start with sending out customer satisfaction surveys.

?Ask for referrals better still, encourage them to do a Google review, have you done this yet? Why not? Are you serious about growing your business or not?

Give referrals and expect nothing in return, chances are people will do the same for you.

⚽?Sponsor a local sports team.

♻Cross-promote your products and services with other local businesses.

?????Start planning your next holiday promotion, do you have a seasonal calendar yet? Why not, failing to plan is planning to fail.

? Plan holiday gifts for your best customers.

Send birthday cards to your clients.

?Submit your press release or blid to various distribution channels.

Rewrite your sales copy with a storytelling spin.

Get a full-body branded sticker wrap or partial wrap for your company vehicle.

Read market research studies about your profession, industry, product, target market groups, etc.

Collect competitors’ ads and literature; study them for information about strategy, product features and benefits. Like the form guide on Melbourne Cup Day, study the field. At the end of the day, kerp your friends close and your enemies closer.

Identify a new market or new uses, for your product or service

Create a poster or calendar to give away to customers and prospects.

Record a memorable message or “tip of the day” on your outgoing answering machine, voice mail message or email address signature.

Find interesting articles and send them to clients and prospects with a “FYI” note.

?Create a direct mail list of “hot prospects.” Use dr google or the local phone directory

LOCAL AREA MARKETING IDEAS, number plate frames, number plate stickers, local area marketing secrets

Create a clever bumper sticker, remember Www.numberplatestickers.com.au they are only $4.97 a set, buy a heap and encourage your staff, friends and customers to cover up the sneaky car dealers plate.


Improve your building signage and directional signs inside and out.

Write a “How To” pamphlet or article or white paper.

Put “how to tips or did you know” on the back of your business card. Think fortune cookies.

Print equity, presentation folders, dl’s, fliers, business cards, care pack with novelty & memorable leave behind, ie mini bucket & mop

Be clear on what your business stands for.

What’s your promise is.

Knowing this will not only
help you put out consistent messages and attract the right customers, it will also help you
hire the right people and develop products and services that are aligned with your promise.

Ok summary time, what key must do take aways did you come away with?

Here are the must do’s if your serious about building your business.
No-one cares about you, they just want you to solve their problem or make their lives better.

Solid professional brand equity will communicate the purpose of your business, the values
that your business represents, it should engage your target market, be simple and most importantly memorable.

Make sure all of your marketing materials- website, photos, flyers- have a consistent and logical look and feel.

Ideally your name should describe your business, define the unique customer benefits, and
reflect your business personality. Have a clever tagline, that highlights who you are, what you stand for and the reason why your customer needs you.

Packaging is an important part of your marketing don’t scrimp on it, your packaging material and brochures, should be professionally designed. Consider how have you used colour and shape and how is your marketing communicating your brand ideals?
Maybe it’s time for a brand image revamp.

People love a good story. Craft your own around why you started your business and then
tell it through your website, social networking pages and blogs or even write your own eBook, it’s a great way to establish trust with your customers.

Use benefits and emotional language in your marketing message. Promote the experience that you can offer your target market if the use or buy your product or service.

Identify businesses who you don’t compete with who have the same target market as you.

What could you offer them that would be of benefit to their customers. Think how
branded  yoga mats offered by the local Yoga teacher, or a joint venture where a local store teams up to provide Yoga classes in their store. How could you add value to your customers?

Brand everything. Where possible have prominent signage, brand your car, if appropriate
have staff uniforms, t-shirts, create a branded email signature, newsletter, use pop-up banners whenever you can for functions and promotions.

Make a list of the key influencers in your target market or local community and connect with them in a meaningful way. Word of mouth is the best kind of exposure, and your
generosity will get them talking.

Align with other like minded businesses and swap space in each other’s newsletters. Provide
a good deal they can offer to their database and this will help you to grow your own.

If your business is seasonal explore new marketing ideas to drive sales in your off peak. Ski fields now offer mountain biking adventures. What can you do.

Make the most of your current networks and relationships.

Make sure your suppliers, friends,
family, teammates know what you do and what you can offer them, make sure you add them to
your database and social media networks.

Solve the problem… Focus on the pain points or problems that your target market have and
tailor your message to that. Rule 1 – “what’s the problem” rule 2 “what’s the solution” –
leave the boring details about features as supporting proof.

Attend an expo specific to your audience eg: Bridal expo, home show etc to display your
services. This is a great opportunity to build your database by collecting information from
visitors through competitions and giveaways.

Most importantly of all make sure you immerse yourself in the local community