Customer focused vs Customer centric Which Are You and why you should care.

Being customer focused does not mean you are being customer centric


In other words your business is either focused on how you can help your customer v’s how together your customers can help you build your business.

When customers experience any brand, they always ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” before they purchase or engage.

A customer-focused local area marketing strategy makes the answer(s) to this question obvious as it helps the franchise or local business to offer a reciprocally loyal experience.

Although there is truth and necessity behind both marketing strategies, you have to give in order to get to build a reciprocal relationship between your strategic alliances and your target customers. Often this can take months of nurturing to yield results that you are looking for. Finding the right alliance partners needs to be carefully created to gain maximum results.

A Customer-centric business focuses it’s marketing and service offer to customers in a concentrated effort to consistently provide a memorable and relevant experience throughout every touch point within the business. In other words they focus on a narrow segment and go deep making a concentrated effort to build a solid competitive advantage by becoming a valuable resource to the target customer.

This might seem like a business and marketing no-brainer, but creating a truly customer centric business takes hard work.

From the first time a potential customer discovers your brand to every interaction they have with you, their experience should be enjoyable, memorable and effective.

The secret to creating a truly customer-centric marketing strategy, is to put the customer at the center of your service or product offer, the business as it functions as a whole to create the culture needed to be truly customer centric, and creating a local area marketing strategy that focuses on obtaining as much re-engagement, goodwill and viral chatter as possible.

Put simply, customer-focused marketing strategy focuses on asking, “What more can we sell to our customers?”as opposed to a customer-centric business whose marketing strategy is focused on asking, “What more can we get out of them?”

What other services can your franchise offer to your customers to ensure they spend more with you, whilst addressing their immediate needs, in other words “value adding”.

So which one are you “Customer Focuses” or Customer Centric”?

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