Max Pietruschka
Delivering more sales || More opportunities || Better results to clients globally || $100 million man

Tim and I are both Directors of a wonder organisation named Kids Under Cover. Over the past 3 years we have come to know and each other well for the skill sets we deliver and the experience behind that.

I have seen Tim display his wonderful ability to get to the issue and work pragmatically to resolve it. Tim has this ability to look at an issue and see it working well; then demonstrate a fantastic skill at mapping the path to resolution. This strategic ability is rare, but rarer still is the ability to bring real “today” action to move ahead.

Its continues to be a pleasure to work with Tim on such socially import issues. Good on you Tim

Denise Hall
Business Broker and Exit Architect | Buy & Sell Online Businesses | Facilitator | Mediator | Speaker | Trainer

What Tim doesn’t know about Retail is not worth knowing. A finer example of entrepreneurship you will struggle to find. More importantly though, he is always prepared to share what he knows when asked. So if there’s anything you need to know about Retail, or being an entrepreneur in general, then Tim is the man to talk to

Leharna Black
Senior Business Executive – Strategy, Finance, Productivity Specialist

Tim and I worked together on an AICD discussion group know as Nexus.

I found Tim to be a highly intelligent, motivated, resourceful and successful professional who knows how to approach a business problem in an innovative and risk tolerant way. These qualities have enabled him to achieve repeated business success.

Neil Francis
Commercial and social entrepreneur

Without a doubt Tim is very smart, switched on, connected, action-oriented and result-focused. If you are looking for someone to get things done and get them done well, to not faff about and to not waste time, to create a high-level strategic view while appreciating the detail that underpins its success, Tim’s your man. I have no hesitation in recommending him

Seth Jones
CEO at Swinburne Ventures Limited

If you want a job done efficiently, effectively, on time and within a budget Tim Stannage is a great person to utilise for such a job. He speaks in no-nonsense terms, is down to earth and is a great speaker. His skillset as a business owner within the Retail sector are second to none.

His history and ability to deal with investors not only in his own business ventures but also as their first choice CEO to tackle the hard problems mean he knows the importance of cash flow management and making a return on hard assets.

He has the ability to get the best out of the people around him and his ethical values are exceptionally strong. His work with ‘Kids Under Cover’, his advice to his colleagues and his involvement in offering a free opinion to various Swinburne Student groups over the years are a testament to his standing. Tim is person well worth establishing a strategic link with and is an exceptional talent to work with

Lauren Rielly
Launching high growth entrepreneurs

Tim was so impressive with his final year presentation on Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I subsequently asked him for a copy of the detailed report to further my learnings and act as a source of inspiration for my own strategy development