The 10 minute a day Local Area Marketing workout.

10 minute local area marketing exercise….please!

I don’t have time for Local Area Marketing, I hear you say,

I have a business to run, a gym session after work and then I have to get home to spend some quality time with my family. When you’re busy running a business, you may find yourself dropping the first thing that doesn’t seem to be working. For some, it’s social media.

“It doesn’t work in my business, I am different from those other businesses,” you may argue. But, are you really different?

People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust, a well thought out Local Area Marketing enables this to happen. It helps you create a personality for your business and customers want to trust who they are buying from and what you are offering will solve their problem.

Get this right and those you connect with will become advocates for your business telling their friends about you, using, you guessed it “Word of Mouth and Social Media”. When you get your message right, your targeted customers will start to “Engage” with you. There is NO POINT randomly connecting with people, if very few of these would actually use your service or buy your product.

Setting aside just 10 minutes a day for your “Marketing Workout” will help you create better “Quality Leads” and better long term results. Of course the more time you have the better, use this Local Area Marketing checklist to guide your strategy, and within 30 days you should see positive results

Know your audience and customer.

 This is the biggest mistake I see everyday, I’m sorry to break the news to you but not everyone will want to buy your product or service. You need to be more specific. Finish this sentence:

People who would benefit from my product are:

  • Aged between:
  • Earn:
  • Suffer from:
  • Are feeling:
  • Male or female:
  • Live in: House, tent, flat, humpie….
  • Drive, public transport, ride a bike, walk crawl…

Timing is everything on social media, but it is hard to find the time to be on line when you have other things to do. This is why I rely on my workout schedule. I do my 10 minute Marketing Workout when it suits me.

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So here is my 10 minute a day Local Area Marketing Workout

Like any Gym workout you need a program and a routine, (How many reps on what machine), so here are some things you need to do to prepare your workout.

Plan your strategy.

Planning an effective local area marketing campaign might seem daunting but it is easy if you follow these simple steps. Lot of tasks must be performed and there is an order you need to follow, no matter how many times you knock on doors or letter box drops you do.

Your goal should be to meet 1 prospective new customer everyday, doing this will generate 240 possible new customers every year which will provide your franchise with a solid foundation to build upon.

This following is a step-by-step guide to ensure your message gets delivered to the right prospects!

Craft your local area marketing campaign

 Using the old fashion Yellow Pages, (if you can find one) and make a list of potential clients by industry as each approach will be different.

Collate your local area marketing brochures and decide which ones will have the right impact for your targeted prospects

Define your goals of the campaign, how many calls will you be making, how many business cards you will be collecting and names to follow up on.

Craft a tempting offer to entice them to use your services, and include a call to action i.e “call now”

Review the lead generation calendar and plan the types of customers you will target and the timing of your campaign.

Use the internet, Google the businesses or places you plan to visit and make a list of names and titles if possible so you know who to ask for when you walk in or call.

Before you launch into your local area marketing campaign, answer the following questions.

Have you analyzed the target customer and matched them to the product or service that will best suit their needs?

Do you know which features of our product or service will appeal to different market segments?

How will you describe to them “how our product or service will benefit them?

Beside the Local Area Marketing Kit you have created, what other type of marketing tools or resources will you need and use in your marketing campaign? i.e stress toys with your logo on them, pens, what else can you leave behind to make an impact.

What type of customer service or support will you them?

Next Steps

  1. Create a Lead Generation Calendar, across the top put the months of the year, and down the side the industry categories you will be targeting.
  2. Next determine which category you will be using approaching first.
  3. How many contacts a week will you are targeting? Remember 1 a day leads to 240 possible clients a week. Maybe plan to set aside half a day a week to engage with 5 new prospective clients.
  4. Can you clearly express our offer by pointing out all benefits, key features, and how they will benefit from using your services solve their problems and frustrations.
  5. Prepare, make sure your message as focused as possible, the more you do it the better you will become.
  6. Make sure your offer is tempting and not only includes a call to action, but a time or date for you to follow up.
  7. Include all details of your offer in the marketing kit you leave behind.
  8. Try to offer something for “free”, such as a “yoga mat”, “free car detail” or partner with a local business such as a restaurant and offer a free meal for 2 special offers.
  9. Ensure that customers can easily reach you after you have made the initial contact.
  10. Make sure the prospective customer knows how they can pay for your product/service
  11. Use a personal but professional tone
  12. Make sure you communicate how you can help them from the customer’s perspective

Local  Area Marketing should not be overwhelming, but fun, you are simply going on a journey to meet new people and see if they may need what you are offering in the future. Stop selling and start solving and your business will prosper.

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