Your Business Help Desk

Why Your Business Help Desk?

Jim’s Dog wash opens 1,000 franchise………

That’s what it could have said if he had contact us to help him with his marketing and growth strategy.

Do you know the secret to getting a profitable business started?

Are you looking for business help to start or grow your business to a new level, or just need direction?


Hi I’m Tim Stannage

Entrepreneur, Business coach and mentor, keen cyclist an surfer, and love to travel with my wife, but more on that later.

Let’s talk about why I can help you grow your business. Just like you I have been  through the pains of growing a business, not just once but I’m still creating new opportunities so I know what it takes to push through the glass ceiling.

Your Business Help Desk is a resource for your business.

Check out www.yourbusinesshelpdesk.com.au

Whether your are a start up or well on your journey we all need help at some point that’s where we can support you. For over 30 years we have been creating profitable businesses and guiding owners just like your self through their journey.

  • I’ll show you proven ways to market your business
  • Create a manageable systems for your business
  • Help you find hidden profits in your business
  • Guide you through buying, selling or setting up a franchise.
  • Generate new leads.
  • And most importantly inspire and motivate you to reach the goals you set out achieve.

Want to know more?

I don’t follow a franchised “coaching script”  together we will roll up our sleeves and get under the bonnet of your business. Yes having documented plans are important, but so is getting on with making money, so we will make sure we find the balance between both.

Owning a business is daunting enough, and like myself, even when you have done it a few times there are many mistakes you can make even when you are experienced.

I will show you how;

  • To turn your business ideas into a profitable business,
  • How to create a robust road map that is easy to follow and implement,
  • Show you unique ways to market your business.
  • How to protect you most valuable asset your HOME! Which the biggest mistake most small business owners make they leave themselves exposed,
  • Plus I will show you how to start finding your first customers.

Sure you can do the research yourself, ask friends and family to help you, but so far how has that worked for you?

Call me on 1300 946 227 or 0409 002 892 for more information or to book your first FREE visit.

Check out www.yourbusinesshelpdesk.com.au