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  • Challenge: Rebrand existing business currently in a flooded market and create a new offer that services a newly identified gap. Activity: Write marketing strategy and roadmap, marketing plan, design and build a website to function as foundation stone for th[...]

  • Challenge: Established local business mentor and advise business owner on issues as required,  Register trademark of logo, create and manage social media presence and identify local area marketing opportunities Activity: Create a content, local area marketi[...]

  • Challenge: Owner confused as to how to take the business forward, sought outside help about franchising or selling his business only to be more frustrated. Activity: Mentor client and explain various options in more detail to provide greater clarity and see[...]

  • Challenge: Established iconic retail brand of franchised retail stores. Stores working independent of one another in regards to marketing initiatives. Chain is looking at creating a stronger brand presence to drive new store growth. Activity: Write business[...]