We know lead generation is a numbers game, but what if you could stack the odds

We know lead generation is a numbers game,

but what if you could stack the odds in your favor?

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Local Area Marketing is not as simple as sticking some flyers around the local neighbourhood, although that does help, or attending the local BNI each week and waiting for the leads to start rolling in. Local Area Marketing is about connecting your business with its local community.

Workslocal has made it our mission to turn local area marketing into an art form.

Step one, is creating a clear picture of who your target market is, obvious I know, but a lot of businesses we help think everyone should want to buy their widget “insert product / service here”.

As in our article “the power of no, in getting to yes” you need to clearly understand not just their problem, but the pain and frustration or emotions they are experiencing or looking for.

Next step is to work out who else in the local community already has your customer that you can connect and work with, to be what we term “local area complementers”.

These are businesses who share a common world view whom we can join forces with, to create an innovative lead generation process that complements each others businesses.

Now the tricky part, we work with you to deconstruct you product or service offer and realign the marketing message.

Customers dont buy sun block, they are concerned about getting skin cancer and dying or being disfigured.

We buy a bike, not because we want to get fit, but because of the benefits that being fit provides us.

You dont sell cakes, you create the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with a friend over coffee, or allow me to reward myself.

To create a strategic Local Area Marketing plan, we look at the meaningful relationships we can create in the process.

Here is a snippet of a solution we created for a removal firm.

Problem: cut throat price sensitive industry, customers just want you to move them from A to B, right?

Wrong, moving home is one of the top 3 causes of stress and anxiety, it’s up there with death, failure and taxes. As part of creating the clients local area marketing solution, we needed to understand this.

We know when you buy a home it is dressed to the nines by the real estate agent, at time of settlement the garden needs a mow, you just know the oven wont be clean, and what will you do with the dog on the day you’re packing?

Our solution, we found local businesses in the community that would benefit from us sharing our client and included them in the solution.

Step one we increased prices by 20%, shock horror.

But this is some of what was included in the moving quote.

On the day of packing, the local pizza shop delivered them a pizza. Not from where they lived but the new neighbourhood they were moving to. If you’re like me, find a good pizza shop you keep going back right?

This didn’t include drinks or garlic bread as we wanted the pizza shop to be able to upsell.

If the client has a dog, the local dog groomer collected and, no prizes for guessing, delivered “Fido” nice and clean to its new home.

We got a local lawn mower man to mow the front lawn, a cleaning company to clean the oven, and a local restaurant to provide you with dinner for two, as part of the clients moving “experience”, same logic, we created a try before you buy experience.

It was up to our referral partners, whom we thoroughly reference checked, to deliver an unforgettable experience from the warm lead we created. The kicker was the local  businesses we worked with did it for FREE as they saw the value of the Local Area Marketing leads we were creating for them!

If you got a quote like this, how would you compare it to the cut throat price driven ones?

Or would you say Wow sign me up?

We looked at this clients problem differently and turned it into a money cant buy experience for the customer, the local business partners were provided solid warm leads, and I’m sure if they were asked, they will refer our client, and left the competition wondering how we did it, there were a few other things but that’s a secret.

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of businesses out there just like yours, what makes you stand out?

AT Workslocal we don’t take a generic approach to creating local area marketing strategies for our clients. We sit down with you and brainstorm ideas, our specialist team then creates a unique and comprehensive local area marketing lead generation strategy for your business.

This may include, online & off line channels, social media, events, interconnected print concepts or offers, adwords, content marketing, jaw dropping competitions, video and more.

As Australia’s ONLY specialist in local area marketing, (feel free to tell us of another), we have a big bag of tricks that we are dying to unleash for the right client.

Workslocal’s founder Tim Stannage, is a qualified and experienced master entrepreneur who is keynote speaker and author of 3 books with another about to be released, on local area marketing strategies, and is Facebook Blueprint Certified with one of our Facebook pages ranking consistently in the top 3 globally in our category, so we know exactly what it takes to create an innovative solution for your business.

Whether you have a single location or a network of franchise stores, our holistic, community engagement approach, combined with our end to end inhouse capability, which includes everything from graphic design, webhosting and website design, to social media management, to local area marketing strategy creation and opportunity evaluation, means we can create the right solution for your business.

We are able to apply the right skills and expertise at every stage of your project.

Workslocal’s founder has over 28 years high growth retail and business experience to give you the confidence to entrust your project with us.

We have created innovative Local Area Marketing Solutions for, and continue to work with, some of Australia’s biggest brands, such as Business Essentials, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, Bristol Paint & Decorate Centres, Complete Removals, National Storage, Lighting Matters, Graffiti Eaters as well as a number of small independent businesses.

Like you we are also growing and always on the look out for new franchisees to join our growing network nationally with our proven model.

Why not book a meeting with us today on 1300 946 227 to explore what innovative ideas we can create for your business.

Email us at getconnected@workslocal.com.au

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Workslocal, we connect your local business with the local community so you can enjoy the hometown advantage.

If you need help with your business’s Local Area Marketing, give the experts at WorksLocal a call on 1300 946 227 for a free half hour initial consultation.

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