Want to know the secret to getting your brand in front of 35,000 people for $5

You can’t help but notice car Number Plate Frames are popular because they work!

Did you know that at the time of the 2015 Motor Vehicle Census (MVC), there were 18.0 million motor vehicles, registered in Australia?

Right now the local car yard is using your car to promote their business for free!

For decades car yards have used number plate frames to promote their business using you to do it for them!


Promote your business with Number Plate Stickers

Go and check, it doesn’t seem right, but the do it because it works.

This low cost Local Area Marketing Solution, will enable you to take back this space and start promoting your business to thousands of motorists, for as little as $5!

Hand them out to your customers and run a competition to encourage them to put them on their cars.

Ask how Workslocal can help you create a unique marketing campaign for your business using Number plate stickers

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club or charity

Why not get a bunch printed and hand them out to members of your club to promote your loyalty and drive membership?

ESward David Qty 4 Sets new

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Promote your business with a competition

Why not hand them to your customers and when they are spotted driving around promoting your business reward them with a gift voucher, cheapest advertising you will ever get!

Bristol x 20 sets new v2
Townsend Transport qty 4 sets V2
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