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  • Here is the Official Biggest Loser's guide to create a better marketing plan. Shape up, Look good, Have fun and start generating more leads anytime you like. This is a Tragic tale of an out of shape businesses that gained weight over winter, became unmotivated due to slowing sales and needed get into shape for the summer business season. Hey wait a minute, does this sound like your business? Are you feeling a little disillusioned, disheartened and lacking direction on how to move forward? You are not alone, if you are really serious about being in business then: It’s time to reflect and weigh in, Biggest loser style. It's time to turn on the camera and tell yourself how you let your business get this way, it used to be fast fit and exciting which is why you have invested so much t[...]

  • No is an excuse not to say YES, why your marketing needs to give the customer control. Time wasters are the bane of any businesses existence the cost us in lost time and wages, take us away from what we were focused on at the time, some are just browsing for quotes, others getting prices so they can buy on ebay, what if there was a strategy to turn NO into an asset? There are 3 types of NO   No as a stalling tactic in the sales process, so the customer can take a breath and feel that they are controlling the sale process. No you don't have what I'm after, we'll discuss these two in detail, and, No, you as a business owner DONT want them as a client. Not every sale should be closed as some will just result in loss of profit. Sales cost money, and this has to be a fac[...]

  • Did you know that there are more than 101 Local Area Marketing Secrets you can start using today? Here is the first secret you need to know. You need to think about how can you get your target customers to see something that’s usually routine, "normal" or boring, as unique, quirky, fresh and creative? You need to be constantly looking for ways to get people to stop and say, “Hey, that’s cool! No ones done that before!” Here you go, now start getting creative. ¿ Put some fun into your paperwork. ORIGAMI anyone? HSBC printed origami folding instructions on the back of its ATM receipts. You could print jokes, cartoons or fun facts. That’s what fun brands do: they are always looking for ways to liven up mundane processes and objects. ♤ Get a professional website, yep i[...]

  • Here is the secret to learning how to win at local area marketing, what you need to do. We know lead generation is a numbers game, but what if you could stack the odds in your favor? Local Area Marketing is not as simple as sticking some flyers around the local neighbourhood, although that does help, or attending the local BNI each week and waiting for the leads to start rolling in. Local Area Marketing is about connecting your business with its local community. Workslocal has made it our mission to turn local area marketing into an art form. Step one, is creating a clear picture of who your target market is, obvious I know, but a lot of businesses we help think everyone should want to buy their widget "insert product / service here". As in our article "the power of no[...]