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Marketing Tips #38: 7 proven ways to build a solid foundation

What you need to know to engage with your customers and most importantly drive traffic to your business.

Actively Listening

The key to successfully marketing your brand name and promise using the various social media channels, content, and local area marketing, requires the skill of actively listening and much less selling.

Tip: Why not read some of yoBusiness tip, facebook, workslocal, Tim stannageur target markets posts and conversations to get a better insight into how they think and how you can add value.

By joining in discussions to learn what’s important to them you can “Stop Selling and Start Solving” and become a valuable resource for them.

Only then can you really create content that provides solutions to their problems and attract them to engage with you. Dont you hate it when you are talking and the other person is not listening? Hey I was talking! Sound familiar, why connect with people who just are not interested in what you are offering.

Laser Focus

Be strategic and learn how to hunt. Like a fisherman, they don’t just trow out a line and catch whatever is biting, in business that is a sure fire way to go backward.

To catch the right fish (profile your ideal customer), a fisherman uses the right bait (marketing) rod and boat (your business look and feel) and researches where the fish are (uses ABS quick stats to help you locate your customers.)

How is it possible to succeed without a clear target to aim for and a strategy to keep it going, luck will only get you so far. A focused social media strategy with engaging content will help you to build a strong brand and attract the type of customer you are trying to reach.

A broad approach will only confuse your readers, like toad fish they eat anything but are poisonous, yes there are people who will grab anything that is going if it is cheap enough and add absolutely NO VALUE to your business what so ever.

Quality over Quantitypatience key to local area marketing. marketing tips

I would rather have 500 qualified and engaged followers, that be involved in fake “Like Ladders” that achieve nothing. In fact did you know that Facebook penalises you for having disengaged followers?

Plus with Facebook’s recent changes, your content never makes it to their timeline making the whole “Like me and I’ll Like you back thing a waste of your time other than a “Friend collection pissing contest” without real engagement in your brand how can they add real value to your marketing?

The Art of Patience

Just as in the real world, building meaningful relationships takes time and you need to be patient and look at it as a long term investment.

Like finding the right partner you may have to stalk the bastard, club them and drag them back to your cave, however I don’t recommend that strategy.

Consistency counts

Publish content you would be proud to show your parents. Yes my Dad is in his 70’s and reads my posts. As a guide to finding your voice, think about the type of content you “like and share” on your personal page and apply that to your business page.

Tip: Most of us view content on Mobile Phones, make sure your images look great on mobile and your articles easy to read and share.

Become a conversationalist

Imagine if you rang someone, then did all the talking and they didn’t answer back?

How would you feel?

Don’t post and run, customers will genuinely engage with you as long as you answer back. Set a goal to answer back within 10 minutes of them replying, every minute that passes makes a warm lead go colder. Facebook is now awarding brownie points and will give you a special green badge if you do!

Share the Love

Share and be shared.

If you like a post on a page share it, with time and consistency they too will do the same of you.

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