How to create a powerful local area marketing strategy

Creating a powerful and effective local area marketing or social media strategy can be overwhelming, however it does not need to be.

A key component of being able to make a difference and stand out as a preferred and recommended choice of solution provider is how we present ourselves to the local community is how we demonstrate and broadcast our “WHY”
Our Why us compared to the local competitors
Our Why we solve their problem better than any one else
Our Why we take away their pain and frustration when others cant.
I ask all of you to click on the video link and reflect on the message and how it has been crafted.


What can you learn and apply to Local Area Marketing Strategy.

I talk to my clients about the FISH philosophy, about the way we need to be crafting our messages, and the need to showcase experiences and our WHY consistently.
That is:
Being There for your customers not just in person but when they need to be comforted in the knowledge that they made the right choice in selecting your business to provide the solution to their problem or needs.
Play – Show your enthusiasm by being creative and showcasing your strategic point of difference, your Why Me.
Making their day – Give our potential customers an insight to what your business is about and what they can expect to be consistently delivered.
Choose Your Attitude – Looking at your Local Area Marketing and Social Media Strategy, not as a chore and done when you can find the time, but capturing your product being delivered or customer testimonials preferably in video rather than photo.
Fear of Missing Out
We need to be taking responsibility for making sure we capture experiences so potential customers feel like they will miss out if they dont choose to us your business. Most importantly how you want your philosophy, culture and beliefs broadcast to the local community.
When I look deeply at the video it has a clear frame work which is
Activity – it is well panned.
Behaviour – they have a clear message and action they wish to achieve and the
Concequences – are without doubt clear, creating what is termed “Conscious competency” aimed at the mother. In our case that they made the right choice.
and that it is:
Findable – I believe that this will have a viral reach.
Shareable – it is so heart felt that it will be freely share, just like I am now.
Connectable – It nails its message on the head without being salesy and quite frankly it’s
Remarkable – be honest it’s hard not to get emotional watching this.
I would like you to take some time to sit down with a coffee, water or tea and map out how you can apply the learning in this video in your social media message and local area marketing as I believe it is so powerful, that when executed right it will make YOU stand out head and shoulders above the competitors.
Over to you and I look forward to your feedback.
Tim Stannage
Local Area Marketing and Growth Strategy
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